Heard from Milutinovic's "happy football" Wildstar gold buy few Chinese can really enjoy happiness from the football while in Sendai, people did just that--by virtue of Sendai, Sendai soccer Park Chinese know, many thanks to Mr LU Xun-Sendai is Lu Xun's early years studying in Japan lived at places. Sendai today in the United Kingdom to eat "fish and chips" well-known Sendai of football Park, mainly for the sake of Sendai's fans during the World Cup, provides fans with the opportunity to interact with the World Cup. This park adjacent Sendai World Cup Stadium, although from noon will drizzle swirling tens of thousands of from country of Japan fans still early several hours arrived Saidy, then football Park will became they best of NAP of by Suzuki Mr with pair twin beloved in Park within game room play football game, two a son are to dāng Japan team, Suzuki himself had to filling Turkey team, parent-child enjoyable Chinese Japanese Wang Xizhu ladies led with daughter of small hand in pick World Cup souvenirs. More call out the names of Japanese people in the Park playing pure fevernova balls on the green. Rain, someone into the House, and still others with football fun nature, the race began at the soccer Park when Shaw a rest for the time being. Japan team lost, shouted himself hoarse voice of Japanese home, some returned to the Park. Game is temporary, life is eternal, and enjoying a happy life is longer, the Sendai soccer Park is the best testimony.