Local 8th, Egypt's capital FIFA 15 Coins Cairo's air force football fans clash with police in the stadium events, conflicts with the crowding, trampling, and eventually led to the tragedy. Currently, Egypt has announced indefinitely postponed domestic each level football events in 8th late Egypt football Super League Zamalek team and Embid team of game qián, Zamalek team fans in no votes of situation xià hard ran air force Stadium, and is responsible for stadium security of police occurred conflict since 2012 Egypt port said Stadium occurred led to more than 70 over people death of fans riots hòu, Egypt domestic of Football League no longer to audience open. 8th game and is the League for the first time, "lifted", fans can enter to watch, but for security reasons, only 10,000 spectators. According to local media reports, which sold 10,000 tickets for only half, the other ticket was issued to a member by participating clubs, and therefore difficult to get a ticket as Egypt's second-largest Club Zamalek has many fans that night thousands of young fans didn't buy a ticket admission is over a wall, causing a conflict. Police used tear gas to disperse rioting fans. However, fans have another way. Support bar fans said, "there was only one very small doors open to us, some fans wanted to climb to the entrance, and soon was attacked by tear gas. "One fan memories, Stampede the police released tear gas at the crowds of people," those who fall guy couldn't stand up anymore. ”