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Wildstar gold buy causing shoving

Le 19 March 2015, 03:55 dans Humeurs 0

Zamalek fans calling themselves "crazy White Knight" (ultras White Knights), its official fan accounts on social media verbally Wildstar gold buy hit back, said fans rioted, is because the stadium is only open a narrow door and fitted with a barbed fence. Fans are unbearable, causing shoving and later threw tear gas at Zamalek at home "air Stadium" Egypt all the military, and the fans "crazy White Knight" who has strained relations with the army, the police, often in clashes on and off the Court; Egypt has frequently faced accusations of excessive use of force by the police. It is worth mentioning that, "crazy White Knights" in 2011 to overthrow Egypt President, Hosni Mubarak, has played a critical role in the revolution, a Zamalek fans said: "there are few people to walk slowly, then, we are told, can put us in the back door. We originally thought that what happened, but there were too many people, they (police) were using tear gas, it was running, skipping Rails (Dodge). At this time, we clashed with the police. ” Egypt had precedents in Stadium violence. 2012 in a football match with an approximate outbreaks of violent conflict, using explosives and knives, which 72 people died. After the official toll of audience restrictions and ban some trouble-making fans football correspondent Abdul? Moussa said Egypt fans ' fanaticism in Africa better known, has recently repeatedly issued threats of violence, Egypt official at the stadium decorated with so much police presence.

FIFA 15 Coins led to the tragedy

Le 19 March 2015, 03:54 dans Humeurs 0

Local 8th, Egypt's capital FIFA 15 Coins Cairo's air force football fans clash with police in the stadium events, conflicts with the crowding, trampling, and eventually led to the tragedy. Currently, Egypt has announced indefinitely postponed domestic each level football events in 8th late Egypt football Super League Zamalek team and Embid team of game qián, Zamalek team fans in no votes of situation xià hard ran air force Stadium, and is responsible for stadium security of police occurred conflict since 2012 Egypt port said Stadium occurred led to more than 70 over people death of fans riots hòu, Egypt domestic of Football League no longer to audience open. 8th game and is the League for the first time, "lifted", fans can enter to watch, but for security reasons, only 10,000 spectators. According to local media reports, which sold 10,000 tickets for only half, the other ticket was issued to a member by participating clubs, and therefore difficult to get a ticket as Egypt's second-largest Club Zamalek has many fans that night thousands of young fans didn't buy a ticket admission is over a wall, causing a conflict. Police used tear gas to disperse rioting fans. However, fans have another way. Support bar fans said, "there was only one very small doors open to us, some fans wanted to climb to the entrance, and soon was attacked by tear gas. "One fan memories, Stampede the police released tear gas at the crowds of people," those who fall guy couldn't stand up anymore. ”

cheap fifa coins broke into the stadium

Le 19 March 2015, 03:54 dans Humeurs 0

Egypt's capital Cairo cheap fifa coins football fans clash with police incident took place on the evening, killing at least 25 people were killed. That evening in the Eastern Cairo Stadium, Egypt before a Premier League game, zhā mǎ lái Kè of thousands of Ticketless fans broke into the stadium, clashing with police in charge of court security, police were forced to use the gas to disperse the crowd, but so severely crowded Stampede occurred, so much so that most of the dead died from scrambles and gas asphyxiation. Some angry fans not only sealed off the roads leading to the stadium, but arson burned some police cars. Current developments are not fully subsided in recent years, Egypt clashes between fans and between fans and police. February 2012, Cairo Al-ahly team and port said Egypt people team of one football game raised riots, game hòu two team fans holding sticks, devices in Stadium both inside and outside melee, grew up range of riots then development to mass conflict, caused shocked world of football tragedy, led to at least 77 people death, many people of neck was stepped on broken, 21 name accident fans afterwards was sentenced to death Egypt fans of riots often and national political conflict contact in together. This fan was killed, is likely to result into a large-scale conflict between fans and police, and may even run out of. In previous years, because fans are unhappy with police disposal that led to race the next day thousands of supporters into the streets the police to cause trouble, triggered massive violence 8Days after the rampage, Egypt authorities to immediately stop all the football matches, including the ongoing Egyptian Super League in order to avoid further escalation of the conflict between police and fans. Egypt authorities to fans rioting very worried, because fans were Egypt, "Arab spring" the main initiators and participants. Jailed ex-President Hosni Mubarak brought the fans didn't, shudder. Is Egypt a clampdown on "brotherhood," many young members are die-hard fans, Egypt authorities worried that the riots will evolve into anti-Government unrest against the Government and the police on the Muslim Brotherhood.

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